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AGCO: the RG700

Launching in fall 2013, the RG700 self-propelled sprayer is ideal for spraying requirements that call for a smaller tank size. The RG700 is Tier 4i-compliant, and like larger RoGator models, features an application-specific cab design that maximizes operator comfort and safety.

The RG700 offers the AWD Smart Drive System, even weight distribution and Parallel C-channel flex frame. The result is a smoother ride, less wear and tear on the booms, and more precise product application, even under varying field conditions.

Other key features include:

Powerful, high-torque engine:

  • With 165-hp, SCR, Tier 4i compliant

Adjustable track widths:

  • Two axle configurations (narrow and standard)

Application cab design:

  • Cab is designed specifically for application
  • Six-post cab design for visibility
  • Folded booms
  • Wider platforms and a lower first step onto the walkway
  • Sound-dampening materials for a quieter ride
  • Ergonomic armrest and joystick configuration

Efficient reload station design:

  • The reload station is designed for a quick, simple and safe reload process.
  • The liquid system is designed to achieve maximum output flow and tip-to-tip application accuracy.

Leading technology systems:

  • Sprayer and boom height controllers to
  • Assisted steering systems to the
  • RoGator Management Center and AGCOMMAND telemetry system

(Source – http://farmindustrynews.com/sprayers/new-rogator-self-propelled-sprayer-agco-launch-fall)

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