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Agribusiness 3.0 in modern-day horticulture

For thousands of years horticulture facilitated the existence of humankind, having been developed for centuries and taking on new forms. Today, on the planet Earth there are 500 million mid-sized and small farms, which produce around 80% of all food products that people need. Meanwhile, the issue of development is taking on a new meaning, as every farm functions under the pressure of a whole series of extensive factors: the absence of product quality management systems, the broad use of manual labor, minimal harvests, the absence of irrigation and insurance, etc.

The absence of access to reliable instruments of financing led to the inability of farms to implement new technologies for increasing their own efficiency and productivity. According to UN forecasts, the sharp growth in demand for agricultural products could lead to hunger in separate regions of the world by as early as the year 2050. Precisely for this reason, immediate effective solutions capable of negating the existing trend are necessary.

In search of such solutions, the Smartlands company cultivated 5,000 walnut tree gardens on an area of 50 hectares in south-eastern Europe under a pilot project. The most state-of-the-art technologies of farming are applied on the territories of the gardens: meteorological stations, unmanned drones, satellite observation with new data processing systems and computer programs with the possibility of forecasting the results of agricultural activity implemented according to the Agribusiness 3.0 concept.

The Agribusiness 3.0 concept of implementation of horticulture was presented by the SmartLands company at the Horticulture 3.0 forum. Its implementation in the production of agricultural products will allow for raising horticulture to a higher level of development. It is intended to demonstrate a method of modern farming and organization of production by uniting farmers and using state-of-the-art technologies that will become the long-awaited countdown to the creation of horticulture of the future.

Thanks to the Agribusiness 3.0 concept, a new unique platform with the concordant name of the Smartlands company was developed. Exactly this platform will become the connecting link between investors in agriculture and regional farms.

The platform’s operating algorithm will be convenient and understood for farmers and at the same time will safeguard investors. The minimum action is required of both parties. SmartLands will ensure the possibility of quickly appraising assets and a 99.9% guarantee of the investment process. The results of audits will be accessible by public investors around the world and they will be able to participate in every project placed on the platform. The SmartLands interface will allow an investor to receive up-to-date information on agrarian assets they are interested in at any time and monitor the use of investments with the help of a system of meters and sensors and agricultural enterprise management programs.

The unique SmartLands platform on the base of the Agribusiness 3.0 concept will be implemented in early 2018.

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