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eFarmer app

eFarmer – A simple farm management software, which allows you to create an electronic fields map, record the history of cultivation at the fields, to take notes as points of interest and to the location of objects on your farm.

  • Electronic map fields. GPS measurement area of fields, the history of cropping, search on the map, draw map, import SHP, KML
  • Create a structure of objects location in your farm
  • Recording of field investigations based on the current location
  • Crop planning
  • Field Tasks
  • Accounting of field works
  • Control of technique using GPS trackers
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption
  • Export data to SHP, KML, Excel
  • Storing data in the cloud. Work in system from Android, Chrome, iPhone. Backup of your data.


Crop history

Using eFarmer you can browse crop history of your organization gather from all fields.


View and edit sowing history of each field while browsing map.


Anytime and anywhere you can access eFarmer using mobile phone, view and edit field’s crop history and create a new task for sowning.


Field mapping

The main asset of the crop entity is earth therefore the first task of eFarmer is to describe the condition of this asset.


System has a possibility to measure field boundaries with help of mobile device based on Android OS – function of field auto-measurement with usage of GPS or manual measurement of field and obstacles.


Or lead around field border using field editor with possibility of their further adjustment. Formation of field border, considering all details of surface, becomes an easy task with use of convenient tool and visual map.


Points of interest

You can describe your organization’s infrastructure by using POI (points of interest) such as (Storage, Garage, Brigade). You can specify the location of the work, sampling, identify places of detection of diseases and insects on the field


You have to click on the place you are going to set a point on the map and hold till appearance the form for filling data about a point


(Source – http://efarmer.mobi/?gclid=COq7srLam70CFScGwwod0xcA4g)

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  1. We are farmers in Pakistan and will like to use efarmer application for farm management. While there is an android application, is their an application for dektop, windows 10 etc.

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