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Farming apps every farmer should download

1. Agriland

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Who would have thought that in a little over two years, Agriland would have become the largest agricultural news publisher in Ireland?

However, thanks to you, our readers, Agriland has now become the number one resource for all agricultural and farming based news in Ireland, being Ireland’s number one downloaded farming news app.


Features of the Agriland app include:

  • Unlimited scrolling
  • A feature to send breaking news alerts direct to your phone or tablet device
  • The option to save stories to read later
  • Swipe for the next story feature
  • Designed with the users ease of use in mind

The Agriland app is available free of charge on the Google Play Store and iTunes.

2. Grass2Milk

Grass2Milk helps dairy farmers make informed decisions about the nutritional requirements of their stock, according to the developers of the app.

The farming app allows users to instantly see whether dairy cows are being adequately fed to reach daily milk and body condition score targets which will allow for the planning of daily feed allocations.

The app is based on recognised research from Massey University in New Zealand and according to the developers, it can be used every day as an assurance that stock energy requirements are being met.

Available for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Source: Google Play Store

3. Donedeal

The Donedeal app allows users to browse through Ireland’s largest buying and selling websitefrom the palm of their hand, it says.

The app includes features such as searching for adverts by keyword, browse by section, call and email sellers from within the app and save favorite ads for viewing later.

The app also offers the facility to place and pay for ads in a quick and easy manner while also being able to manage your ads from one place under the manage ads section.

Available for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Source: Google Play Store

4. GEO Measure

Geo Measure is a simple to use area and distance measurement tool for maps, according to its developers.

It is ideal for measuring the acreage of a farm or the distance between your house and the nearest railway station.

The app allows users to measure areas in acres, hectares, feet, yards, meters, miles and kilometers while distances can also be measured in kilometers, miles, meters, feet and yards.

Available on the Google Play Store (€1.52) and iTunes (€1.99).

Source: Google Play Store
Source: Google Play Store

5. Fertiliser P And K Calculator

The Fertiliser P and K calculator was developed by the Fertilizer Association of Ireland and it provides general guidelines for crop off-take for Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) in grassland and arable crops in Ireland.

According to the developers of the app, it also provides general agronomic advice for the P and K application rates that grassland and arable crops may require.

However, these guidelines may exceed the permitted levels of the N and P allowances on the farm, it says, and all fertiliser usage must be in compliance with the Nitrates regulations.

Available for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes

Source: Google Play Store
Source: Google Play Store

6. Herdwatch

Herdwatch was launched less than two years ago and has since attracted over 1,500 farmers who now enjoy stress-free Bord Bia audits and can register calves, record remedies as they happen, all for €99 inc VAT (less than €2 a week).

Breeding and weight events are automatically sent to ICBF so no more double entry.

Herdwatch is a time-saving tool that will minimise the time farmers spend on compliance paperwork.

  • Record Bord Bia Remedies and Feed purchases
  • Paperless Farm to Farm Movement Certs
  • Calf birth Registration in under a minute
  • Record Weights in seconds
  • Manage Full Breeding Cycle

To top it all off, Herdwatch even works with no internet, and we all know that internet coverage is still an issue for most farmers, so it’s great to see Herdwatch has thought of that.

7. Mix My Sprayer

Mix My Sprayer was created to aid with quick, accurate calculations of product mixes to be applied with spraying equipment, according to the developers of the app.

The app allows farmers to create custom lists of their favorite products while also being able to insert values in each input box.

When both the values and the user defined mix ratio are entered into the app, it automatically calculates the amount of spray to be included. App users can also change the input unit from litres to gallons.

8. Cropio

Cropio is satellite field management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land. The System provides real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, determines vegetation levels and identifies problem areas, delivers precise weather forecasts.

Cropio application was designed for agronomists and management of agricultural companies. It gives the access to main information about fields, satellite images, status of agricultural works, current weather data, field status reports, etc. Once synced, application could work offline, without Internet access.

Also, Cropio application gives ability for agronomists to create reports for their fields (with photos and text notes) that could be synced with Cropio site.

Cropio main service functions:
— real-time vegetation monitoring;
— field zoning and problem area identification;
— fertiliser and seed distribution mapping;
— reporting and notification system;
— databank and historical information;
— integration with GPS monitoring system, monitoring of agri operations;
— productivity estimate;
— weather forecast and information.

screen Cropio screen480x480

You can easily download the app in Goole play store or iTunes. There is an annual (fixed) cost per hectare for the system after 10 days free trial. More information at Cropio.

Source: iTunes

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