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Irrigation Manager Software

Irrigation Manager™ Software is an advanced software package designed for professional irrigators. It allows multiple control and monitoring of irrigation controllers from a central location. Anything that can be done with the controllers can be done with the software remotely.

Irrigation Manager™ Software is available for download free of charge.

Version enhancements

  • Diagnostics – Quickly and easily verify that the system is configured and operating properly
  • Print the system configuration
  • Print zone graphs
  • Print zone map
  • Show soak cycle and watering restriction in the system view
  • replacing sensors is now more robust


  • Map View – Import maps or picture files of the site and overlay irrigation system components.
  • System View – View all zone and system settings and configurations
  • Reports – Advanced system report capabilities based on logged data
  • Sensor Graphs – Display soil moisture, temperature, and EC from logged sensor data
  • Water Restrictions – Easily configure water restrictions to comply with local ordinances
  • Event Pause – Schedule controller pauses for events such as weddings, ball games, etc.
  • Manual Programs – Configure custom manual watering sequences for testing, sprinkler blowouts, etc.

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems
  • 800MHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 50 MB hard drive space


Map View

  • The software is capable of importing a map of each site to be able to visualize reference, dependent and timed zones. This provides you with a clear view of your system and enables you to visually manage your irrigation.

System View

  • The system may be viewed and monitored from the system view. This allows the system’s activity and status to be viewed at a quick glance. The zones may also be managed from this view.Reports
  • Watering information is recorded stored in the controller and transferred to any PC that connects to it. The information collected from the controller is vital to efficiently management your irrigation system. This information may be accessed through the reports view. Total water, water cycles and manual watering is available for viewing for each zone on this graph.Sensor Graphs
  • Sensor readings are recorded and stored in the controller and are transferred to any PC that connects to it. This information may be accessed through the Zone Graphs view. Zone graphs enable a visual view of soil moisture readings. You can see the moisture level increase dramatically when the system waters as well as when it rains. During the day the sun evaporates water from the turf and at night the evaporation ceases. This can be viewed by a seeing the moisture level flatten out during the night and begin to drop during the day. Study these graphs to be better acquainted with your soil characteristics. Soil conductivity, soil temperature and soil moisture are displayed for each sensor in this view.Water Restrictions
  • Sensor controlled zones are programmed to water as needed to keep a healthy lawn. There are times when it is best the controller not be able to water, during the hottest hours of the day or when local watering restriction prohibit watering. These times are programmed in the Water Restrictions view to prohibit your system from watering during these inappropriate times.Event Pause
  • The entire system may be paused for scheduled events. This is particularly helpful for special occasions such as parties, ball games, picnics etc. where you want the system to pause operations for a given period of time. Scheduled event dates, times and durations are set in this view. Up to 6 events may be scheduled at one time.Manual Programs
  • Irrigation Manager Software allows you to create special programs that can be run manually. Each program includes steps that are able to pause the system or water zones for different durations. You can create programs to run tests on sprinkler heads (walk around tests), or when you apply fertilizer you can create a flush program to run all zones for a several minutes. This is a powerful tool saving you time and allowing you to run these tests remotely through the software as well as from the controller.

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