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SMS™ Software

Accumulating data off which to base decisions is a very critical step in your precision farming operation. You may have data from different systems and sources, so the ability to combine all those items in one place is key to starting with a good foundation.

SMS was developed with this in mind. We strive to support as many systems and data sources that you may need to make accurate decisions in the future. Whether the data is from planting, fertilizing, spraying, harvest or guidance, SMS can house it all and organize it for easy access.

SMS Benefits

Solutions for all Seasons

Field Stewardship

  • Create and manage soil sampling points, grids and regions. Easily sync lab soil test results with sample locations in the field.
  • Create field tile plans for optimal drainage systems.
  • Download soil survey maps (US only) and view aerial and road background maps for your fields.
  • Plan and document crop plans, tillage practices or other activities for field improvement.


  • Choose seed with higher yield potential based on historic yield performance data.
  • Create reports and charts displaying important planter performance details.
  • Use precision data to satisfy government reporting needs.


  • Track variable rate liquid and/or granular application operations.
  • Record application operations for regulatory record-keeping.
  • Create variable rate application maps and prescriptions.


  • Analyze harvest data by field area application records, as-planted maps, etc.
  • Discover yield trends within your fields using multiple years of harvest data.
  • Create harvest reports and charts to provide details on each field or use query tools to analyze specific areas.

SMS Basic

SMS™ Basic is a powerful desktop software that helps you to take data from your field and turn into smart management decisions, using information gathered from planting through harvest.

  • Use guidance planning and support to archive guidance lines for future use.
  • Create prescriptions based on yield history, soil test results or any additional maps.
  • Map soil results by using the soil sampling tools and downloading soil survey maps.
  • Print detailed operation reports, charts and maps.
  • Analyze yield against other field operations to determine yield influence.
  • Track expenses and income throughout the growing year.

Guidance Planning & Support


Import, manage and store your guidance data. Transfer saved guidance patterns or AB lines to and from multiple guidance systems and file formats.Exporting saved guidance patterns for future operations allows you to be more efficient.

Create Prescriptions


Generate simple variable rate prescriptions for seed, liquid or granular applications based on yield history, soil test results, soil survey maps or any other map.

Export prescriptions to the majority of the precision ag displays in today’s market.

Query Tools


Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field.

Using the selections tools, accurately select and analyze particular hybrids/products, different application rates and specific areas of the field.

Soil Sampling Tools


Create and manage soil sampling points, grids, and regions. Use the Sampling Wizard to generate new sample sites.  Export existing or new sites for in field sampling with SMS Mobile or other devices.

Easily sync lab soil test results with sample locations in the field.  Then map the sample sites for recommendations, analysis or use in reports and printing.

Download Soil Survey Maps


Automatically download soil survey maps (US only), via an internet connection, for your fields already saved in your management tree.

Display attribute information such as Soil Type, CSR, Erodibility Class, Slope Range, % sand/silt/clay, and more.

Government Reporting


Create reports and maps to satisfy government reporting needs. This can include crop insurance reporting with AIPs or regulatory compliance for application documentation. Export Acreage/Production data from SMS to your AIP for a more streamlined crop insurance reporting process.

Aerial/Road Backgrounds


Aerial imagery and road maps are instantly displayed when maps are created.

These backgrounds provide great visual reference when viewing maps and also will display in print layouts.

Simple Expense/Income Entries


Easily track operation expenses and incomes which can be included in financial reports and print layouts. Utilize SMS’ resource tracking tools to calculate product amounts used and needed from imported data or user generated prescriptions and crop plans.  Then simply enter the cost per product to calculate total expense for that operation.  Use your grain harvest data and commodity sale price to calculate income from that operation. Bring all expense/income entries together for a detailed financial tracking report.

SMS Advanced

Ideal for farmers looking for more sophisticated analysis tools and consultants who are working with multiple clients, SMS™ Advanced includes all of the features of SMS Basic, plus additional tools and features designed to make analysis across multiple fields and operations easy.

SMS Advanced was designed to provide more sophisticated analysis tools for both the grower and their trusted advisors.

SMS Advanced for the Grower

By recording your data year-round and year-after-year from your precision farming display, SMS Advanced helps you manage information across many acres and fields to understand how changing variables affect yield and profit.

SMS Advanced for Trusted Advisors

Whether you are a crop consultant, insurance provider, custom applicator or seed dealer, SMS Advanced allows you to manage an unlimited number of projects to analyze data by individual field or across the entire client base while keeping data separate.

Project Management


Manage up to five projects with SMS Basic or setup an unlimited number of projects with SMS Advanced. Set up each client as a separate “project” to analyze data by individual field, client or across the entire client base. This allows for clients’ information to be kept completely separate and secure. Projects can be organized by groups and can also be password protected. Multiple users can access projects from a storage location –or even check in/out on a laptop for client review.

Projects can be stored at multiple data locations offering flexibility for large client databases. Each location can be formatted for custom migration and backup settings.

Customized Reporting and Printing


Give grower clients the specific information they need by developing customized reports, maps, charts and summaries, including multi-layer views of planting, harvesting and application maps.

The SMS software has an abundance of print layouts and the ability to create user-defined layouts that you can use to feature your data on the right layout.

Comparison Analysis


This analysis tool helps to easily compare how one or more variables (e.g. moisture, hybrid selection, soil type, fertilizer rates, split planter setups, etc) combine to affect results, such as yield.

Detailed reports and charts can provide better insights for future planning and success.

Cluster Analysis


This analysis tool allows you to combine any type of data, such as soil types, soil fertility results, yield data, NDVI images and more. The result is a polygon, or region map that can be used to help define management zones within a field.

Equation Writing


Build an equation to generate a new dataset based on mapped layers, such as soil test results, soil type, grain harvest, zone maps, or previous fertilizing application.

Create, edit and save fertilizer recommendation equations from universities, consultants and others, then apply those recommendations to specific projects, or across the entire client base. Users can also output multiple product recommendations from a single equation, helping make prescription writing more efficient.

Multi-Year Averaging


See field trends based on layers of annual field data, such as grain harvest, in one map, giving you strategies on creating management zones.

The normalization tools allow you to normalize the data so that you can accurately view trends even when multiple crop types have been planted on the same field over the years.

Generate NDVI Dataset


Allows the input of a NIR satellite or photo image to generate an index or crop health/vigor dataset that indicates where vegetation is present and/or healthy.

Generate Profit/Loss Dataset


Create a new layer based on expense and income entries from all operations that contain financial tracking information. The resulting map will visually display profit/loss values and trends across fields and totals in Profit/Loss reports.

Correlation Analysis


Create a correlation matrix report for selected operations to measure if attributes have strong or negative correlations to one another. Correlation values range from -1 to 1. -1 indicates negative correlation, 1 indicates a positive/strong correlation and 0 indicates no correlation between the attributes.

This statistical comparison allows users to easily view how different attributes relate to each other. For example, yield response to organic matter, soil pH, phosphorus, potassium and other soil nutrients.

Terrain Analysis


This tool will use captured elevation data from field operations to create a map with physical characteristics, slope and drainage direction. Terrain layers can be used as an input into an equation for generation of another attribute, such as erosion class or in conjunction with other water management tools for drainage decisions.

Batch Functionality


Process SMS Advanced’s powerful analysis tools in batch mode across projects and datasets to reduce time and develop consistent reporting for clients.

Also, utilize SMS’ Batch Command Utility to complete many common data management tasks such as Import and Exporting files (including shape and text), generating boundaries, reprocessing data and more saving you valuable processing time. Note: Limited Batch Functionality also available in SMS Basic

Backup Scheduling


Automatically create backup files daily, weekly or monthly. Backup files contain all the data and organization within SMS software. Only new backups will be created, if a project hasn’t changed since last backed up, it will be skipped.

3D View


3D grids are generated based on imported elevation data and can be regenerated using specific operational data. For example, a field’s 3D grid can be generated based on last season’s planting data recorded using RTK GPS correction.

The generated 3D grid can be used to display layers saved in your management tree in a 3D view. This also includes displaying operations not recorded with elevation values in 3D, such as soil survey or soil test results. Viewing maps in 3D gives you an additional perspective for analyzing data across your operation.

Dataset Playback


View an animation of operations pass-by-pass. Watch an instant replay of how an operation was logged in the field. Slow down, speed up, pause, skip during replay of the event. Also, actual time attribute values for the operation will be displayed during replay; such as speed, rate, elevation, etc.

Calendar View


SMS™ Mobile

SMS™ Mobile allows you to collect information from the field and sync with your desktop software program to provide the extra detail needed to make critical management decisions.

Key Features:

  • Log and edit points, lines or polygons manually or with GPS
  • Display up to 4 real-time map statistics
  • Image download
  • Seamless data transfer to SMS desktop software
  • Import/export shape files
  • View up to 4 backgroud map layers simultaneously

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