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What Should You Know about Corn and Soybean Diseases as You Prepare for Harvest?

As the fall is approaching and crop harvest plans are being made, it is important to continue to assess disease issues in corn and soybean. These assessments aren’t being made in order to make plans for in-field management, but to ...

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9 Tips for Dealing with Down Corn

2015 has been a perfect storm to bring down corn. Wetter than normal conditions across a vast portion of the Corn Belt have led to an increase in stalk rot and diseases. Plus heavy rains, wind, and hail have knocked ...

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Avoiding Worms in Sweet Corn: How to Time Management Options

Three species cause ‘wormy’ corn: the European corn borer, corn earworm, and fall armyworm. Insect traps baited with sex pheromones help time management options. European corn borer: mouthparts pointing forward, glassy or cream colored body, wriggles when flicked with a ...

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5 tips when using in-furrow starter fertilizer on corn

1. Keep rates low. Because high rates of salt and nitrogen products can negatively impact plant, “care should be taken to keep rates low to reduce the risk for damage but maintain a potential for positive benefits from seed placed fertilizer ...

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Early Planting May Benefit Corn Silage

Planting corn early involves some risks, but they often are worth taking for grain production. Early planting also may improve corn silage performance, says Joe Lauer, Ph.D., a University of Wisconsin corn agronomist. “I tell growers what they do for ...

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10 tips for higher corn yields and improved profits

 Know the yield potential of a cornfield, its yield history, the soil type, and its productivity.  Choose high yielding, adapted hybrids. Pick hybrids that have produced consistently high yields across a number of locations or years. Select hybrids with high ...

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