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7 Cover Crops You Should Know

There are several options when it comes to choosing cover crops. You need to know the conditions of your farm and what goals you want to achieve. Here are some details on just a few popular cover crops to help ...

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Five Reasons Why You Should Add Cover Crops to Your Rotation

When it comes to planning a crop rotation, cover crops are not usually part of the conversation, but Johnny Hunter of Avert, Missouri says perhaps they should be. “We’ve found cover crops offer many advantages,” Hunter says. “We started incorporating ...

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Managing Risk When Using Herbicides And Cover Crops In Corn And Soybean

As more farmers look to plant cover crops in their corn and soybean fields, the question “What should I do about my herbicide program?” often arises. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, and unfortunately there are many ...

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Managing Spring Cover Crops For Feed

Cover crops are planted for a variety of reasons; erosion control, to improve soil structure and health, to provide supplemental forage, as part of a nutrient management plan for manure application or for a combination of these reasons. Depending upon ...

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Tips for managing cover crops

Evaluate for winter kill If the above ground cover crop is brown and near the soil surface no green plant material is present then your cover crop winter-killed. Cover crops such as tillage radishes and oats typically winter kill and ...

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Cover Crops and Green Manures

Cover crops and green manures are grown primarily for reasons other than short term economic gain. In other words, they are not produced for sale, but rather for the benefits they provide to the production of subsequent cash crops. Cover ...

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