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How to Create Soil Maps

Whether you have a few small pastures or a large area of fields spanning miles and miles, having a soil map can be invaluable. The previous farmer may have had a soil map taken before you took hold of the ...

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Next generation farm management system.

We would like to spot your attention to a very specific farm management system designed purely for the needs of agricultural companies involved in land cultivation – this system is Cropio farm management. It is specific due to the fact ...

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Review: Crop monitoring systems

Having a lot of fragmented information about satellite crop monitoring systems (SCM) we decided to make more detailed review and compare different solutions where it is possible. We took the most popular services available worldwide and compared them based on ...

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Satellite Crop Monitoring: Vegetation Control

Now, agricultural sector shows raising numbers of M&A  transactions which are successful in terms of fundraising for  their  projects. It gives grounds for assuming that amount of the companies involved in agriculture would be reducing within the next few years, ...

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Space Profits

According to the agriculture market research provided by Ernst & Young, one third of Russian respondents put efficiency improvements on the second place of  their hierarchy of business priorities. Additionally, more than 90% of market players  agreed with the fact that ...

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