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5 Practical Uses for Drones in Precision Farming

Drones have been the formidable technological advance that the agricultural world had been waiting for and with the drone revolution came lots of different ideas as to how they could be used on an everyday basis in a farm setting. ...

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The Return of Variable Rate

If you were a farmer back in the 90s you’ll remember exactly what variable rate was. Or rather, what is was supposed to be. But it never really materialized. As the world moved through the past 20 years, dragging technology ...

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Are Farmers Really Using Drones?

According to a survey carried out by Drone Life, only a third of farmers have plans to use drones this year. In less developed countries, the number of farmers using drones is undoubtedly even lower. This is all in spite ...

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Drones have evolved into precision agricultural tools

Once a science fiction dream and then used extensively for military surveillance and warfare, small Unmanned Aerial Systems—commonly known as drones—are moving rapidly into daily business and consumer use and poised to become powerful tools for farmers. Drones could revolutionize ...

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