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How farming of future is going to look like

Agriculture is an economic activity that is being practiced by many countries internationally. Through different agricultural activities both livestock keeping and farming has resulted in the economic growth of many nations globally. Besides, agriculture is the source of livelihood in ...

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Drones: The Challenges Overcome

Drones have become extremely popular among smart agriculturalists in a very short space of time. The prospects they present in terms of increased profitability as well as reduced manpower make them an incredibly simple solution to some age-old farming problems. ...

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Weed Control. How drones will save your day!

We have written numerous blog posts about the importance of embracing new technologies and how they can not only make your farm more profitable but also make your life a lot easier. Across rural areas an increasingly common sight is ...

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Drones May Improve Agricultural Practices, Increase Efficiency

The use of drones has evolved from a hobby to military use and now to agriculture. Farmers are using drones to inspect their crops, detect diseases and deliver chemicals. This technology is expected to increase crop yields and save growers ...

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7 tips for flying an unmanned aerial system

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege to talk with farmers around the world about the growing excitement of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) in agricultural industry. No question that UAS technology is going to change how farmers ...

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