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How to Establish Forage

Establishing and growing a good field of forage might be essential for your farm. Whether it’s your first time seeding or 100th time, it’s always good to brush up on your knowledge and go over your forage planting method.f Step ...

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Tracking forage info pays

Every farm manager has production and quality goals when it comes to feeding livestock. For Jeff Fields, the task is a little more complicated since he and his crew are responsible for not only managing the 2,500-plus acre farm but ...

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Forage Harvest Guidelines

Forages are mechanically harvested for use as stored feed. We have 3 basic forage harvest systems that are used: dry hay, silage, and wet hay or baleage. Within each of these harvest systems there are some principles or guidelines that ...

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6 tips for establishing and managing forage

Farmers planning to establish forage stands for hay, silage or livestock pasture should understand seeding site, soil, forage variety and three more forage management considerations to develop a successful forage patch, Purdue Extension specialist Keith Johnson says. 1. Choice of ...

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Managing Spring Cover Crops For Feed

Cover crops are planted for a variety of reasons; erosion control, to improve soil structure and health, to provide supplemental forage, as part of a nutrient management plan for manure application or for a combination of these reasons. Depending upon ...

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Row Crop Herbicides Can Limit the Use of Row-crop Ground for Forage Production

The herbicides used on cash crops can affect not only whether the residues of that cash crop should be grazed or harvested for feed but also if a secondary crop (cover crop) planted after the cash crop can be used ...

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