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10 Simple Ways Sophisticated Technology is Revolutionising Precision Farming

Precision farming as a concept has been around for decades now, it has shaped years of technological advancement but certainly to begin with, it was overlooked. There has always been a deep-rooted mindset in farming communities that the old ways ...

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Introducing the AccuShot System

Precisions agriculture is always full of new tech and wonderful surprises! If you’re a fan of precise planting, from drones firing seeds into the ground to drip irrigation systems, you’re going to love the AccuShot system! Developed in the US, ...

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How to Choose a GPS System for Your Farm

If you don’t already have your GPS system integrated with your farming machinery (many machines come with the system already installed) you’ll need to install the system yourself. This gives you the opportunity to find the best GPS system for ...

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Agriculture Tech: The Benefit V Cost Ratio

Technology in the agriculture world is continuing to develop and evolve, bringing new and untested methods and machines to the market. One area we’ve seen the most progression in this year is soil biology. From the likes of drip and ...

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