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New Tech Brings the Future to Legacy Machines

Technology is constantly evolving. For tech lovers with money to spare this is fantastic. For farmers that prefer the traditional methods and want to stick with the machines they’ve been driving for years, it’s not so good. Luckily there are ...

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After trying to build self-driving tractors for more than 20 years, John Deere has learned a hard truth about autonomy

When building its first autonomous navigation system in the 1990s, John Deere just wanted to build a tractor that could drive down a field and make a turn on its own. But after more than 20 years, the company has found that ...

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Digital pursuits in the world of agricultural technology

The list of tools to collect, manage and transfer farm data is growing. Here’s a look at some of the recent additions. Lehmann If your focus is on gathering more data rather than managing it, drone technology may be for ...

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Farming advances with appliance of science to tractor technology

Thousands of US farmers will take to their fields this month for the main annual harvest on tractors equipped with cutting edge technology, as agricultural equipment makers increasingly incorporate elements of data analytics, GPS and remote sensing in a race ...

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Three John Deere Mobile Apps to Access on the Go

Technology has become a critical component to successful farming in today’s digital world. The proliferation of the iPhone and other mobile devices has not only spread rampantly across the American public, it has hit the American farming community as well. ...

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Automatic Steering of Farm Vehicles Using GPS

Autonomous guidance of agricultural vehicles is not a new idea, however, previous attempts to control agricultural vehicles have been largely unsuccessful due to sensor limitations. Some control systems require cumbersome auxiliary guidance mechanisms in or around the field while others ...

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