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Manure Management for Farms Producing More Manure Than Their Crops Need

Determining Your Landbase Needs A number of factors must be considered in order to determine the landbase capacity of your Farm Unit to safely receive manure. The OMAFRA computer software program NMAN or corresponding workbook (OMAFRA Publication 818) are tools ...

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Use caution when spreading manure in summer

The alfalfa is in the bunker, the sun is shining, the ground is dry – should you start hauling liquid manure? Maybe. Summer hauling liquid manure on just harvested alfalfa fields in East Wisconsin is considered by many dairy farm ...

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Manure Application on Hay Fields

Manure is an excellent nutrient source for fertilizing hay fields, especially with current high fertilizer prices. Topdressing hay fields with manure can build soil fertility with on-farm resources and help expand acres for spreading. However, for efficient use of manure ...

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