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7 Ways Wheat Can Boost Crop Rotation

1. Wheat can better yields of your other crops. Data from a 2013 Dakota Lakes Research Farm rotational study at Pierre, South Dakota, showed the impact rotational diversity has on corn yields. Continuous corn: 203 bushel per acre. Corn-soybean: 217 ...

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Methods to improve quality in organic wheat

The overall objective of AGTEC-Org has been to identify agronomical and technological ways to improve the performance of organic wheat and flour. And in this way to contribute to enhancing the baking quality and nutritional value of organic flour, and ...

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2015 Spring Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Wheat

Wet, saturated soils and variable environmental conditions certainly increase the difficulty associated with nitrogen fertilization of wheat fields in the Mid-South. In order to implement proper management, we must evaluate wheat health and growth stage to determine current nutritional needs and appropriate timing that ...

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A Wide Variety of Ingredients: 6 Types of Wheat

To most people, flour is flour and it is always made from generic “wheat”, or else from a gluten-free source like rice. However, there are in fact many different kinds of wheat that your grain mill can grind for different ...

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High-Yield Wheat: Tips to Avoid Lodging

Lodging is a costly problem, especially for wheat producers who are pushing for higher yields. The good news is that lodging can be significantly reduced or almost eliminated using careful crop management techniques. Lodging is a term used to describe ...

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