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Features from the Farm: Winter wheat, winter rye for forage followed by corn or soybeans in an organic system

Throughout history, farmers have sought to improve yield and productivity of the land they farm. One method is to double-crop, or grow two crops in the same season. In warmer climates, farmers often raise a crop of soybeans and corn ...

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Planting The 2017 Winter Wheat Crop

Much of wheat’s yield potential is determined at planting. To attain top yields, measures need to be taken to plant early and achieve an even and uniform stand of seedlings. Planting date Early planting contributes significantly to improved yields. This ...

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Fall herbicide applications in winter wheat: Should this be an option for you?

Fall herbicide applications in wheat have gained popularity over the last couple of years. However, as with any changes in production practices, there are both potential benefits and drawbacks to fall herbicide applications in winter wheat. Fall-applied herbicide benefits Opportunity ...

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How Late Can We Plant Wheat?

Wheat can be planted well into the fall season in Michigan. How late you plant depends on how you weigh the risks. Usually, the optimum time to plant wheat is several days following an area’s hessian-fly-free date. For much of ...

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