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Virtual farm manager

Organize, view, and edit all your field info from your home computer prior to the year starting

Setting all your fields ahead of time and deciding what varieties and other inputs you want before spring planting starts can save hours upon hours when in the middle of crunch time.  Also, with unlimited users with one subscription, keep the record straight without having to constantly be updating those involved in the operation.

Instantly Access it all on your mobile device

Get all of your decisions that you set up ahead of time in the palm of your hands.  Allow helping hands to access the application with unlimited users and there is no need to keep constantly updating everyone or forgetting yourself when moving to another field.

Add records like planting dates, yield, spraying conditions, even without cell service

Continue to add more records as the year goes on for the items that just cannot be accounted for ahead of time. Everybody with the mobile application installed on their phone can add records from field activities. The mobile application will even work while offline when certain areas have poor cell coverage. When the user gets to better cell coverage, the mobile application will sync up automatically

Access that info in one central place that yourself or others involved collected

At any time, access all of this data in one central place such as the home office at any time during the year.  Since all of your data is stored securely in the cloud using Amazon’s servers, the data is accessible anywhere

 Export the data for analysis and send it all organized to your insurance agent

At the end of the growing season, all the data entered and collected can be exported and analyzed.  Also, this data is already perfectly organized and with a few clicks be sent to any insurance agent of choice.

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